BrightonSEO September 2019 Review & Presentation Slides

BrightonSEO conference location

Recently, we attended this year’s second instalment of the BrightonSEO conference between 12-13th September 2019. Some of the industry’s leading figures were in attendance and provided wide-ranging talks on subjects such as the Future of Search, Onsite Technical, Structured Data, and Automation.

The event was a big success and has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a chat in a pub. We couldn’t attend each and every presentation on offer but the ones we did were both informative and entertaining. We’re big fans of speakers who present real-life case studies with examples of successes (and failures!), and that was in abundance at BrightonSEO.

It’s a very hands-on experience too as presentations often contain detailed instructions on how you can improve your own site or professional skills. Plus, a lot of the talks are recorded and are released as podcasts or videos so you can refer back to them whenever you need to – such as this from the main Auditorium 1 stage:

The next BrightonSEO conference is in April 2020 and we highly recommend getting a ticket if you’re in any way involved in online marketing. Until then, you can read or recap the majority of BrightonSEO September 2019 presentation slides (apologies, a few are unavailable) to get an idea of what it’s all about.

BrightonSEO September 2019 Slides by Stage

Auditorium 1

Adzooma Stage – Auditorium 2

Syndicate 1 & 2

Syndicate 3 & 4

Meeting Room 1

Toggl Stage – The Restaurant

Webcertain Stage – Mass Media

Showcase Stage – Expo Hall