Turn your website into a real money-making machine with honest, inventive and potent methods

When you are doing business online and you depend on traffic and quality leads to generate money, there are several aspects you have to deal with. These aspects go beyond the scale of good sales(wo)manship. Engage dedicated experts to take care of your digital marketing, so you can focus on making money.

Why cashcow?

Cashcow is an agency powered by dedicated digital marketing experts, who apply honest, analytical and innovative methods to turn your website into the money-making power house you meant it to be.

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CashCow Services

To turn your website into a cash cow, the Agency offers the following digital marketing services:

Web Development

Perfect your website

For a website to serve its purpose, the right web applications need to be used to ensure optimum performance of your site. Cashcow Media can develop your website and takes care of the all technical aspects related to your cash-generating project.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Reach your target market and increase traffic

We offer methods to increase traffic to your website from your target market based on solid analysis.  We don’t do guess work or randomly send out links. We methodically examine your current website performance. We go through the following stages to increase quality leads:

  1. Auditing of current performance
  2. Devising plan of action to increase performance
  3. Analysing and reporting

To improve performance of your website we set up applicable metrics and KPIs and analyse and report on improved performance.

Are you launching a new project? Plan for success and include a SEO consultant in the planning phase. Cashcow Media can help you build a solid foundation for your upcoming business venture by taking SEO into account as early in the process as possible.

Conversion optimisation

Turn leads into customers

If you’re unhappy with the conversion rate of your site, let us optimise conversion by examining your site in terms of design, content and general user experience, to identify, what might affect current conversion rates. Let Cashcow Media unleash their sharp analysis on your site and monetise your existing traffic to the max.

Copywriting and translations

Make content King

As Bill Gates famously stated at the end of the last century; “Content is King” and this is still very valid today. Optimise your online presence with quality content, whether it is copy for your website, a press release or a (guest) blog post. We at Cashcow Media have an extensive network of writers and translators, who can provide you high-quality content to increase leads and conversion to turn your website into an efficient and potent money-making machine.

We deliver content in the following languages:

  • English
  • Swedish
  • Finnish

Web analytics

Keep monitoring

Once all aspects related to your online money-generating project are in place, the key is to continue monitoring performance, so any improvements can be implemented as soon as possible to guarantee optimum performance of your website.

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