Cashcow Media


Cashcow Media is a digital marketing agency, which specializes in web development, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, conversion optimization and copywriting.
Cashcow Media was founded in 2017 and is based in sunny Malta.


Cashcow Media provides services in multiple different areas in Digital Marketing

Web Development

Every second you are not out there, time is wasted and you are potentially losing customers. We believe in growth driven development, build the first version out as quick as we can and improve it continuously. New code is deployed every time that it is necessary.

We work mainly with WordPress.

Search engine optimization – Increase targeted traffic

We offer data-driven SEO solutions to increase laser focused traffic on your site. We do not base our optimization on educated guesses or just randomly sending links that might do more harm than good. Here’s how we work on existing properties:

  1. Audit
  2. Improve
  3. Setting up the right metrics and KPI’s
  4. Analyze & report

If you are looking into launch a new project, it is always good practice to include SEO-consultant in the planning phase of a new project. By taking SEO into account as early as possible, you will build a solid foundation for your future online business venture.

Conversion optimization

So now you got the traffic, but the traffic is not converting to the level you would like it to convert. If that is the case, you might want to look in to optimising your conversions There multiple different variants that might have an undesired effect on your conversions – design, content or bad user experience. Invest in conversion optimisation, when you’re looking into monetising your existing traffic.


Our skilled writers can deliver you high-quality content to suit your needs, whether it is a press release, blog post, localization of your existing content or just a simple translation. We have a network of writers, who can deliver content in following languages

  • English
  • Swedish
  • Finnish

Web analytics

While online presence is important and nowadays a necessity, it is not enough alone. Continuously monitoring your traffic and setting up goals for your online property is important. Without proper analytics plan it is very difficult to measure your efforts.